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Br. Jerry's Community Garden

Come visit Br. Jerry's Garden, a community garden of the St. Anthony of Padua Community and our Cramer Hill neighborhood at 29th Street and River Road in Camden!

This Year's Photos, Videos and Link

There was a great turnout for the monthly Community Night in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Hard at work in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Hoe hoe hoe!

Br. Karl looks stumped.

We try to keep Br. Jerry's Garden neat and tidy.

We cropped this photo very carefully, of Fr. Hugh and Br. Karl watering our strawberries and our newly planted veggies.

Helping out in Br. Jerry's Garden for the Notre Dame Service Day.

Comcast Cares Day 2014 helping Vinnie with his raised bed for Br. Jerry's Garden.

Comcast Cares Day 2014 helping Von Nieda Park, Br. Jerry's Garden, St. Anthony's, and Cramer Hill.

Thanks to Comcast Cares Day for helping get the shelter up in Br. Jerry's Garden.

She was just kidding--of course Donna will be gardening this year!

We welcome all pollinators to Br. Jerry's Garden!

Thank you very mulch!
Chris and Fr. Jud at Br. Jerry's Garden--from our 2012 Video Archives.

The first meeting in Br. Jerry's Garden in 2014.

Dunking cardboard (not cookies) for the paths in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Getting Br. Jerry's Garden ready for spring.

Praying the Rosary for Br. Jerry on the fourth anniversary of his death.

The first meeting of the year of Br. Jerry's Gardeners.

Click on the photo above for a Courier-Post article featuring Donna.

2013 Photos and Link

Mmmm--chicken and lettuce.

Two thumbs up for the last Br. Jerry's potluck of the year.

Till we meet again--it's the last community work day of the year in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Enjoying the new fruit trees in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Thanks to the New Jersey Tree Foundation for our new fruit trees in Br. Jerry's Garden.

We're glad New Jersey American Water came out to fix the leak in front of the school and Br. Jerry's Garden.

Friends of Francis in Br. Jerry's Garden. 

A picnic table for Br. Jerry's Garden!

Welcome to Br. Jerry's Garden, St. Bonaventure University!

Flowers and vegetables from Br. Jerry's Garden in the Offertory Procession.

Offering gifts of bread, wine and vegetables.

Thanks to our friends from Bishop Eustace for helping harvest our tomatoes.

He'll do this till he can't any more.

A great harvest from Br. Jerry's Garden.

Tomatillos from Br. Jerry's Garden. They're good, and good for you!

Another satisfied tomatillo customer.


Four shades of red.

A reading from The Francis Book.

Once a month, our community garden potluck means a great dinner.

Oh Henrys!  Alex and Mr. Leimkuhler in Br. Jerry's Garden. 

It's been a great summer in Br. Jerry's Garden!

After the Wednesday Night Peace Walk...the vegetables!

We've got to get ourselves back to the Garden.

It's been a great summer for cherry tomatoes in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Compost for Br. Jerry's Garden from the Camden Children's Garden.

We're waiting for the city to pick up this wood outside Br. Jerry's Garden.

Once it stopped raining, Ora et Labora visited Br. Jerry's Garden.

The statistics say Camden is a food desert, but don't tell that to Br. Jerry's Gardeners.

You're never too young to do a little weeding.

In the poorest and most violent city in the United States, a garden--and hope--grow.

Hello, elote!

Once a month, Br. Jerry's Gardeners gather to work, pray, eat, plan--and laugh!

Instead of caging this tomato plant, we let it grow through this chain link fence.  It seems to be working!

Putting the "pico" into Br. Jerry's Garden.

Always have something red in the picture.

Another good Community Work Monday in the garden.

Today's harvest from the friars' plots in Br. Jerry's Garden and their backyard.

The cabbage and beans came right from the garden!
 A very nice turnout for our Monday evening community work and meal in Br. Jerry's Garden.

We all love Br. Jerry's Garden.

A little fun in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Peace all around in Br. Jerry's Garden. 

Show and Tell in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Adriano in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Yes, we can! (recycle in Br. Jerry's Garden).

Who wants to bet we'll be having stuffed peppers on the menu this week?
Hey!  We love Br. Jerry's Garden.

Thanks, Judyann, for responding to our ad for free tomato plants. May they grow well!z

Don Papito likes to show off his remolacha (beets).

Welcome to our newest gardener in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Camden is urban ministry, but we've got some great community gardens.

The chores!

Thanks for joining Br. Jerry's Garden after the Comcast Cares Day!

Wood chip princess of Br. Jerry's Garden.

Into some River Road gardening.

A doubel strawberry in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Br. Karl doing his "lettuce pray" thing in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Thanks, Jose, for repairing the notice board.

Look at those strawberry plants!

"The Friars" strawberry patch.

The chores, fresh air... Br. Jerry's Garden, we are there.

Kristen welcomes the Corneys to Camden.

The greening of Br. Jerry's Garden, thanks to our great workers from Marion Mercy Academy.

All you need is...

Kristen welcomes the Corneys to Camden.

Strawberry patch kids.

The monthly Br. Jerry's Garden meeting.

Rosary on the 3rd anniversary of Br. Jerry's death.

Remembering Br. Jerry. 

2012 Photos and Link

The plot un-thickens.

These will be next year's strawberries.

Br. Jerry's Garden is the place to be...
To see an online article about Br. Jerry's Garden in Next American City click here.

Freshness! at Br. Jerry's Garden dinner.

Smile! at Br. Jerry's Garden dinner.

Br. Jerry's marigolds.

Weed whackers!

"Who knew there was a sidewalk here?"

Our sign is now posted!


The FVM garden harvest.

Fun in the garden.

This is Br. Jerry's Garden!

Fresh from the garden.



Our friends from Malvern Prep and the Romero Center chatting with our gardeners.

"By the way, are these peppers hot?"
"Water please!"

Thanks to Jose (Tony) for all his help!

Thanks, guys!

uestra Señora de los Tomates.

Fresh from the garden.

Doña Reina with her calabaza.

Gladis with some quotes for the Courier Post.

Eco Queens of Camden.

Thanks for visiting the garden.

"So that's what's been eating the zucchini!"

Ice breaker in the garden.

A little fun in the garden.

Happy Birthday!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

"Los frailes" means "the friars," and this is our plot.

Brothers in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Leila and Rebecca in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Like mother... son.

Under the sun...

...and under the soaker.

Friars and friends in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Who's setting the pace?

Friars and Lupe weeding in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Br. Jerry's Garden as seen from the school.

Follow the yellow brick Camden!

Remind anyone of a movie (not The Wizard of Oz)?

Kristen discusses a plan with Br. Jerry's Gardeners.

We are the Gardeners.

Br. Jerry's Gardeners.  Thanks, Br. Juan (and Danny), for the artwork!

Who's got the coolest hat? 

Cabbage Patch Friar.

Danny visited us, and went right to work in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Two heads are better than one in Br. Jerry's Garden.

An early harvest in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Will love tear apart again?

Fresh from Br. Jerry's Garden.

Aileen and Danny have not just FVM in common, but University of Georgia as well.

Br. Juan hard at work on his first day in Camden.
A busy evening in Br. Jerry's Garden.
Gardeners' meeting in Br. Jerry's Garden.

We love Br. Jerry's Garden!

Camden's been categorized as a "food desert," but is that why there's a cactus growing in Br. Jerry's Garden?

Thanks to Kristen's nephew Nick for whacking the weeds! 


2011 Photos

Kristen leading the gardeners meeting.

We'll ask one more time.  Who wants to volunteer???

Can you believe it's Camden?

Journey to the center of the repollo.

Harvesting the best.

Grown with love... Camden.

Let's motion this table.

A new garden taking shape next to Br. Jerry's Garden.

Never too young.

This thing is wacky!

Cabbage patch guys.

From Notre Dame with Love!

Victor y Garden.

Buy a plant!

Thanks for the love!

Let's roll!

St. Anthony's students in the garden.

Ready to irrigate. 

2010 Photos

Mike and Gladis: Ho Ho Ho at the Camden Children's Garden.

Some of our Br. Jerry's Gardeners at the Camden Children's Garden.
Thank you Camden Children's Garden and Americorps!
Yum yum!
Kristen leading the group in reflection.
Let us pray.

Lettuce pray!

End-of-the-year garderners' gathering.
Chips!"Es nuestra!"
Take one!
Peace, brother!
Getting near the end of the harvest.
"Which way do we go?"
Thanks to Campbell's Soup for the help!
All you need is...
Harvest the best!
Thanks for the help!
"Dump it right here!"
More compost!
Lift up your hearts!

For a video of the Fox Morning Show broadcasting live from the garden, click here.

Sue Serio broadcast the Fox Morning Show live from Br. Jerry's Garden on Wednesday, September 1.  For a video clip, click here.
Sue Serio interviews Kristen.

Sue interviews Mike Devlin, Executive Director of the Camden Children's Garden.

Our newly painted community garden bulletin board.

When did you start using size husky?

Jeff shows Sue one of our unique Camden plants.

Sharing the harvest!
Jeff and Mike behind the grill at the Camden Children's Garden, for the Camden Garden Club's Faith Based Garden Barbecue!

Yum yum!

Our Franciscan Volunteers enjoying a great meal and a beautiful day.
A nice turnout for Cleanup Day in Br. Jerry's Garden.

High five!

Check out the white eggplant!  (Come to think of it, shouldn't eggplant be white?)

You missed a spot!

Got it!

Thanks to all our volunteers who showed up (and who helped us meet the Van Challlenge too!).

Harvest the best!

Roll out the barrow!

Thanks to Jeff and the Camden Children's Garden for all their work in Br. Jerry's Garden!

Ooh, the vegetables!

Packaging just some of the harvest from Br. Jerry's Garden.

Handing out our organic tomatoes, from Br. Jerry's Garden.  Some for our parishioners, and some to distribute to friends or neighbors in need.

Equal Exchange, fair trade coffee goes great with organic tomoatoes!

Nice combo!

Service with a sonrisa!

Romero Center visitors know that it's all about the love...

...and the veggies!
The tomatoes are ready!
"Read up, gardeners!"

Kristen and Donna admiring our new notice board.

Ready to sprinkle, thanks to a grant from Holy Name Province (the Franciscans).

Kevin and his melon trellis.

Melon time!

A visit from the friars of St. Francis Inn in Philly and Siena College.

More irrigation = less irritation.

Nelly knows beans!
Mike Devlin (in cap) of the Camden Children's Garden, leading a tour of Br. Jerry's Garden for the SAFSF (Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders), who were in Philly for their 8th annual forum.

This year's forum was titled "Shaking it Up, Making it Last: A Real Food System For All.  We're glad Br. Jerry's Garden is shaking it up, and making it last!

Josh, of CCOP (Camden Churches Organized for People).  CCOP helped us get the old trailers removed from the property so we could start the garden.

Everything grows with love!

Josh distributes part of the harvest to the Cramer Hill CDC (Community Development Corporation).

Josh with our Notre Dame Summer Service Learning Program interns Will (left) and Max (right).

If you're gonna get blessed, you're gonna get wet!

One of our younger gardeners!

Mrs. Dhanaraj, Norma's Mom, gets some greens.

  A wonderful turnout as we dedicated our community garden and renamed it "Br. Jerry's Garden."

Br. Jerry's family attended the dedication.

Thanks to Josh and Norma for designing and painting the hope-filled sign for Br. Jerry's Garden.

Chris leads a decade of the rosary at the garden dedication.

Luz, using our new p.a. system, leads a decade of the rosary.

"Holy Mary, Mother of God..."

Lydia, ready to pray.

St. Anthony's students love the garden!

Checking the lettuce.

Installing the sign, just in time.

Looking forward to a great summer of gardening.

Josh with Mike Devlin of the Camden Children's Garden, speaking with a reporter about the draconian state funding cuts to the Garden.  To get involved, call Mike at 856-365-8733.

Josh (our Franciscan Volunteer) with Jeff from the Camden Children's Garden.

Getting plants from the Children's Garden to take to our community garden.

Gladys and Mike of the Children's Garden chatting with Martha.
On Saturday, April 17, we gathered in the basement of St. Anthony of Padua Church to view and discuss the film "The Garden."  You can see a preview at

Did we mention there was food???

And a lively discussion? 

There is interesting information about community gardening on the web, for instance a Wikipedia article at

Br. Jerry's Garden was made possible through the efforts of many people and organizations, most notably the Camden Children's Garden.  Please see their website at

Our community garden is seen in the new literature of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (the 4th largest foundation in the world, by the way).

Click here to see it!

Our garden is in photos 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9.

2009 Photos

A great harvest!

Steve (an alumnus of Genesis Farm), with Lupe and our garden's namesake, Br. Jerry. 
See how it grows!

Love and Peace in our community garden.

Want to know what the land where our community garden looked like not too long ago???

Yes, these abandoned, graffiti-covered trailers, formerly used as a police substation, were a community eyesore.  Thanks to Camden Churches Organized for People (CCOP) and our youth group Close to Christ (CTC) for getting the Camden Police Department and Department of Public Works to have them removed to make way for our garden!

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