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Latest Photos and Videos

Thanks to the Romero Center volunteers for helping us with the Francis House 18th Anniversary.

Sandy processing in with the icon.

Katie proclaiming the Prayer of the Faithful.

Ave Maria...

In memory of...
Honoring some great women at the Francis House 18th Anniversary.

Super Sandy.

Great women of Francis House.

Ready to take off!

Enjoying the shade at the Francis House 18th Anniversary.

Sue bringing everyone together for the Francis House 18th Anniversary.

Somebody's all wet!

A Francis House welcome to our friends from Maryland.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton High School loves Francis House!

Another fun Friday at Francis House!

It's not Halloween--it's just another fun Friday at Francis House! 

Til we meet again in the labyrinth.

In the center of the Francis House labyrinth.

Tidying up the Francis House yard.

The back door of Francis House getting a fresh coat.

Taking care of the Francis House front yard.

NDignite students with some of the Bread of Life food collection for Francis House.

Puzzle time in Francis House.  (And Happy Birthday to T.)

Comcast Cares Day 2014 helping Sue with the Francis House labyrinth.

An early Happy Easter for Francis House. 

Proclaiming the Word at Keith's memorial service.

Remembering Keith.

"Amazing Grace"

Thanks to Nicholas and the group from Michigan State for visiting Francis House during their week with Romero Center.

Happy March birthdays!

You can feel the love at Francis House.

There will be a memorial service for Keith on March 14, 2014 at 11 a.m. in St. Anthony of Padua Church.  Rest in peace, Keith.  God bless!

Sue reminiscing, during the memorial service for Morris in the Francis House chapel.

Rest in Peace, Morris (center).  Francis House will miss you!

Dominick's first snowman.

Have fork, will travel (to Francis House).

Belita's birthday.

Make a wish, Belita.

Happy Birthday!

James is still eating, but Dominick's...

Who's celebrating a birthday today at Francis House? We all are!

Our friends from Minnesota's College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University visiting Francis House during Alternative Break with our FVMs Dominick and James.

Thanks to our friends from Minnesota here on Alternative Break for helping spiff up Francis House.

Circling up for prayer before the Francis House Christmas dinner.

Everyone will eat well at Francis House today. (But don't we every day?)

Green earrings, I remember...

Blow out your birthday cupcakes, boys!

Tis the season for giving.

Is this a hint?
St. Anthony of Padua School singing Christmas carols at Francis House.

Cookie time.

Happy Thanksgiving at Francis House.

Sue was glad to see a full house at Francis House Thanksgiving.

If you left Francis House hungry, it was your own fault.

There was quite a turnout for a beautiful farewell for Ivy.  May she rest in peace.

Retreat day at Cranaleith Spiritual Center.

St. Bonaventure University visits Francis House.

Dominick telling the story of Francis House.

Alex reading her St. Francis poem.

Thanks to Danny and friends for the beautiful mosaic above the entrance.

Welcoming guests to the Francis House Open House.

Tea for T. (Isn't that a Vincent Youmans tune?)

Can you find the five Franciscan images in this picture?

Danny came, he sawed, and he's on Concord (Avenue).

Refinishing the ramp at Francis House.

Welcome back to Francis House, Ana!

Fr. Mel visits Francis House.

Restoring this circular path is labyrinth-tensive.

At Francis House, we make the tea dark and sweet.

Just in case Lauryn needs a tissue.

Colleen's (long hair) final reflection.

Colleen's (short hair) closing reflection.

Karin's closing reflection.

"Thanks, Sue!"

Before: they're about to get their locks shorn in solidarity with our friends with cancer.

Sue gets the first cut!

Our Notre Dame Summer Service Learning Program interns with Miss Kathrine.

Brian's first time cutting hair. Sue, are you ready?

"You did what?"
Fr. Hugh is good at this!

After: their hair was cut in solidarity with our friends with cancer.

T getting his head shaved in solidarity with our Francis House friends who have cancer.

Alex and Sandy in the opening procession for the 17th Anniversary of Francis House.

Brian doing the reading.

Fr. Hugh and Alex lead the intercessions.

 Lauryn lighting the candles of remembrance of our friends who have gone from Francis House to heaven.

The hug says it all at the 17th Anniversary Celebration of Francis House.

Ave Maria...

We remember...

Remembering Derrick.

We never walk alone...

Welcome back to Francis House, to Amy and your friends from Morrisville.

Tea for T!

Thanks to the Franciscan Missionary Union for helping us stock up our freezer for meals at Francis House, our outreach ministry to those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Francis House Christmas

Happy Birthday, Sue!

Thanksgiving at Francis House.  It's a wide angle lens--because we ate so much!

Happy Birthday, Al!

Happy Birthday, Kathiya!

Today's color at Francis House is--Red!

Francis House visits the crosses in front of City Hall in Camden.

They're repairing the eaves of destruction.

Sue giving her reflection on Francis House Sunday.

Francis House Angels.

Welcome to francis House!

Thanks for visiting!

The Ribbon.

Notre Dame interns, praying before the meal at Francis House.

Thanks to Charlie, Leila and Rebecca for a great summer at Francis House!

"She said what?"

Feeling the love at Francis House. 

All Are Welcome! Theme song for the Francis House 16th Anniversary celebration. 

Rebecca recites a poem at the Francis House 16th Anniversary celebration.

Leila recites a poem at the Francis House 16th Anniversary celebration.

Michelle recites a poem at the Francis House 16th Anniversary celebration.

Remembering our friends at the Francis House 16th Anniversary celebration.

Meditative moment during "How Great Thou Art" at the Francis House 16th Anniversary celebration.

Francis House slide show at the 16th Anniversary celebration.

Fr. Hugh's closing prayer at the Francis House 16th Anniversary celebration.

Red balloons to remember our friends from Francis House.

99 red balloons, floating in the summer sky...

Sue Piliro, director of Francis House.

Of course, a great lunch for the Francis House 16th Anniversary celebration.

You'll never walk alone...

"Who's the winner???"

You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties... 



Photos Old and New


Thanks to our friends from Urban Promise for cleaning the Francis House basement!

Our friends from the Romero Center at Francis House.

Our friends from Urban Promise at Francis House.

Our friends from Urban Promise and the Francis House labyrinth. 
Welcome to our friends from Romero Center and the University of North Carolina Newman Center.

A beautiful day to be at Francis House.
A visit from Jack Jezreel. 


Thanks to our friends from Long Beach Island!


The postulants (1st year Franciscans) drove up from Wilmington with their director Fr. Ron Pecci, ofm to visit St. Anthony's.  Standing: Casey, Dennis, Edgardo and Sergio.  Seated: Ramon and Fr. Ron.

Sue chatting with Sergio and Edgardo in the Francis House kitchen.

Is that a Sandy beach she's pointing to?

Tea for T

No sand in Sandy's salad

Vince with our friends from Good Counsel in Maryland, which has sent students all summer long to Francis House.

Iveliz and Sue at Francis House.

Welcome to Francis House!

Jen and Vince!

Healing service at Francis House.

Thumbs up!
The Tree of Love at Francis House.

Francis House at Bellmawr Lake.

Thanks, Jen!

Sue speaks to hundreds of college and high school students each year through the Romero Center.

Yellow shirt day.

Bobby at Francis House.

How many years have you been at Francis House?

Happy 15th Anniversary, Francis House!

appy 15th Anniversary, Francis House!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Francis House!

Circle of Prayer.

We'll miss you, Eddie.

Sue sharing about Eddie.

Taking in the testimonies.

Josh sharing a wonderful reflection about Eddie.

Eddie's "daughters."

Eddie's granddaughter, daughter, and sister.

A tribute to Eddie.

Eddie has gone home to the Lord.  We will miss you, Eddie!

Praying with Eddie.

One more smile!

Ready to join the Homelss Outreach Team in downtown Camden.

I love you this much!

Looking sharp, Gary.

Two women who fed most of Camden this week.


Happy Birthday, Josh!

The circle of prayer at Francis House.

Another great Thanksgiving at Francis House.

Yum yum!


Happy Birthday, Sue!

Francis House Sunday Open House

Fr.Ron (left) with the Holy Name Province Postulants (first-year friars in formation).

Our Romero Center friends from Massachusetts, with Chris (2nd from left) a new FVM from Philly.

We like puchi!

Thanks to our Romero Center friends from Jamestown and Erie!

Thanks to our SFO friends from LBI, now we're composting at Francis House.  Go to it, T!

We've had great volunteers from the Romero Center all year long!


Sue and Fr. Jud wishing the best to Max, Lori and Will.

Good luck to Br. Michael (standing behind Sue) as he moves on to Troy, New York.  Francis House will miss you!

Our friends from the Romero Center and Marion Mercy Academy.

All are welcome!

Thanks for sharing!


...our friends.

Sue's reflection on 14 years of Francis House.

The Francis House Choir!

Sing it!

Fr. Chris, one of the Francis House founders, came back to be with us.

Have a balloon!

An annual tradition, the balloon launch in memory of our friends who have gone before us.
For a short video of the balloon launch, click here.

The cake says it all.

Great food.  (Why would the anniversary be any exception?)

Sue, Sr. Ruth, and Norma, enoying a beautiful afternoon.


Ready for the tile.

Thanks to Lori and Luis for all their hard work organizing the Notre Dame Service Day.

Thanks for making the repainting the ramp to Francis House.

There will be music!

Prayer time at Francis House.

Happy 45th, Sue and Ron!

Christmas 2009 


So good to see Reggie!!

Thank you Donna for all you do!

Sue and Eddie


Jud and friends enjoying dessert.


Thanksgiving 2009


Welcome Norma's family!  Thanks for the great food!

 Josh and his dad sharing special time together.  Thanks for the great pie!

Everyone enjoying dessert, especially Chris!

Eddie in concert!

Happy Birthday Josh!!

My, but you are so handsome, Morris!

Be careful Stephanie!

"Finally, my picture is on the tree of life!"


Anna and our beautiful Francis House

Grandbaby Shanice



After a long day our two girls are taking a well deserved nap! 

Ana, Tee and Richard




Ana being pampered!

"I feel like a princess"



Pamper the Ladies Day!!


Stephanie enjoying a hand massage from Anna


Monica enjoying a foot soak and hand massage after having a body massage.



Thanks to Malvern Prep, St. Augustine's, and Gloucester Catholic students for serving by sorting, folding, and organizing our clothing room.

Sue shares her passion about serving people infected by and affected by HIV/AIDS. Her passion is contagious and her compassion is compelling.

Eddie shares his story of life and hope by singing for the students. Thanks, Eddie!

THANK YOU to all who particpated in the Francis House Fundraising Clothing Drive!!! With your help, we were able to raise $852.00 to support the ministry of Francis House. Plus, over 5,000 lbs of clothes will be given to those in need in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and in domestic violence shelters in Southern New Jersey!

Br. Jerry, Anna (09-10 FVM!!!), Juan (our A&E Clothing Friend), and Lori load clothes into the truck.

With your help, we filled 2/3 of the truck! Literally hundreds of bags poured in over the last few weeks.



Francis House Celebrates 13 Years of Providing Services to those infected and affected with HIV & AIDS.

Francis House Remembers those who've gone home.

We light a candle in rememberance of our sisters and brothers.

Francis House remembers those who've gone home this year, and over the past 13 years.

Susan Piliro shares her passion and love for Francis House.

Susan Piliro shares her passion, love, and joy in serving those infected and affected with HIV & AIDS.

Getting ready for our final farewell....ballons set free!

A glorious day for a spiritual retreat!

Back yard of Francis House, we will miss you Denise Prince and Dee.

We prepare for our final farewell as we set balloons free in memory of our brothers and sisters.

Tom, Denise and Sister Maria on retreat at Cranalieth

 Belita, Sue, Denise, Carmen,Tee and Sandy on retreat at Cranalieth.

Good food, great friends.  End of summer BBQ

Romero Center at end of summer BBQ

Some of our beautiful kids. Summer BBQ

David Rivera, Shirley, Gary, Anna, Ana, and Tom at BBQ

Eddie's 51 st. Birthday!


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