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Thanks to Br. George and our 2012 summer interns Leila and Rebecca for making this video!

From our Fall, 2012 Notre Dame Service Day. 

 PHOTOS of the DAY: Yikes! Stripes!; Wednesday Night Walk

Responding to calls from the Student Leaders, the county repainted the crossing stripes at Von Nieda Park.

Another Wednesday Night Walk, and Fr. Jud's last.

Br. Juan checking out the Argentina-Netherlands World Cup game during the Wednesday Night Walk.

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The FVMs, friars and friends always have a feast for Tuesday dinner.

Alex rings the bell before the 8:00 Mass.

Waiting for the gifts at the 8:00 Mass.

After the 9:30 Mass.

After the 12:10 Mass.

Most of these people were in the same photo nine years ago.

Raul and Victor have a message for you.

Mayor Redd meets with the Student Leaders' Von Nieda Park Task Force at Wiggins Park on the 4th of July.

Senator Booker took note when Ashley explained that the Student Leaders host the nation's only Day of Community Organizing on MLK Day.

The Student Leaders' Von Nieda Park Task Force meets U.S. Senator Corey Booker and Camden Mayor Dana Redd on the 4th of July in Wiggins Park.
Happy 4th of July, from the Red, White and Blue.

S'mores at various stages of deliciousness.

Closing prayer at Quest.

Life imitates saint.

James says, "Yes we can!"
Two sisters, two pupusas--coincidence???

Wednesday Night Selfie.

Happy Birthday, Brooke!

There are two fathers, and two friars (sp?) in this photo.  Can you identify them?

"Close your eyes and make a wish..."

Br. Karl gets dessert.

Br. Juan is almost finished painting the mural.

A fig tree grows in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Wednesday Night Walk in the wheat field (actually it's the overgrown lot across from the church).

Brooke's (right) first visit to Rita's.

There was a great turnout for the monthly Community Night in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Hard at work in Br. Jerry's Garden.

Hoe hoe hoe!

Br. Karl looks stumped.

Corpus Christi Procession after the 8:00 Mass.

A tradition on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi (special feast of the Body and Blood of Christ).

You can tell by the smile that she was not incensed.

It's not the "campo," it's Camden!

Corpus Christi on Concord.

Another procession after the 9:30 Mass.

Re-entering the church with the Blessed Sacrament.

One more procession, after the 12:10 Mass.

Youth car wash--a view from the inside.

Just like in church-=let us spray!

Getting tired...

Thanks to the youth and their mentors for a great car wash!

From one dog to another...

Mirta thanking Mr. Wolick of the Camden County Parks Department for all his help. 

The Student Leaders sponsor a clean-up or paint-up day every month from spring through fall.

Sketching out their plan for painting a bench.

Starting to paint their bench.  Thanks, Ms. Gest, for joining us again!

"Bench, you will be painted!"

Yes we can! Giving Casey a hand is Tom, the nephew of Sister Mary Celestine, the former Principal of St. Anthony of Padua School.

You're never too young for a Von Nieda Park Paint-up and Clean-up Day! 

Sunset at the Von Nieda Park bench.

Brooke gets to work with former St. Anthony of Padua Students.

Thanks to Br. Juan for creating the conditions for the possibility of great art in Von Nieda Park!

Putting their heart into their work.

"I'd like to be, under the sea..."

Just in time for the World Cup!



Keep calm and stay positive!

Thanks, Alex, for this photo.


Thanks to Maribel and Jennifer for the great lunch! 

Our first Von Nieda Park picnic!

Thanks to Robert and Rosemary for inviting us to see their model trains.

Choo choo!

Robert shares with Alex about his model trains.

They had a loco motive for hanging around after the Clean-up and Paint-up Day. 

Checking out the Reading Railroad.

Thanks to everyone for a great day in Von Nieda Park!

Having a little fun at Antonio's party.

Oh, dominoes!

Todos siempre alegres en la fiesta de Antonio.

Looking good for 93!

Was this before or after Grace sang the National Anthem at the Gala San Juan Bautista?

Happy Anniversary Carmen and Confesor!
"Because the Lord is My Shepherd"

They had perfect attendance for the whole year!

All A's for the whole year!

Congratulations to our St. Francis Award winners.
Congratulations to our St. Anthony Award winners. 

We wish the best to Ms. Hollis and Ms. Geruson.

Thanks to Mrs. Martins for her many years of service to St. Anthony of Padua School.

We love you, Mrs. Martins!

A final blessing from Fr. Hugh.

It was a great day for basketball at the Student-Teacher annual challenge game.

1st Graders saying goodbye to Fr. Jud.

The 1st Graders did a great job weeding the rain garden.

Ready to begin the big game!
It was a great day for basketball!

Thanks to the Camden County Police for joining in the fun!

Congratulations to the students, who won for the first time.

It was a great turnout.  Thanks to Mr. Kuhn for organizing the game!

Thanks, Mrs. Martins, for all you did for our school!

The friars thank Mrs. Martins.

The faculty and staff thank Mrs. Martins.

She said a beautiful Grace.

"What's up, dawg?"

They agree on the park lights, but not on the Mets vs. Phillies.

Mirta with an East Camden activist, Ulises Delgado.

Thanks to Senator Booker's assistant Jeanette Alvarez for representing him at the Von Nieda Park Light Up.

Mirta shares her thoughts with Univision.
Click here for a report on Telemundo.

The Philadelphia Inquirer gets the scoop from a Student Leader.  Click here for the story.

You know what they love!

Fr. Jud with two great organizers, Mirta and Amy.

Br. Casey has a sweet jump shot.

The Notre Dame-Camden Connection.

Everyone in Cramer Hill turned out for the Von Nieda Park Light Up.

This is the kind of police stop we like to see!

Channel 6 interviews the Student Leaders.  To see the report click here.

Thanks to Camden County for the fact painter and other fun events at the Von Nieda Park Light Up.

Thanks to Camden County for the great d.j.

It was a true celebration!

How does Br. Karl do it?

Everybody dance now!

Line dance at the Von Nieda Park Light Up.

Joy in Von Nieda Park.

To see this and other great photos from the Courier-Postclick here.

Thanks to Freeholder Louis Cappelli Jr. who was instrumental in getting the lights.

Thanks also to Freeholder Jeffery Nash.

Thanks also to Mayor Dana Redd.

Thanks to County Parks Director Frank Moran and Assemblyman Angel Fuentes, who brought proclamations for the Student Leaders.

The new Director of the Student Leaders' Von Nieda Park Task Force, Mirta Nieves.

The Student Leaders, past and present.

Ready to flip the switch.

Let there be light!

To see this and other great photos from the Philadelphia Inquirer click here.

It's all about the brand.

Lupe likes it when the room is full for Evening Prayer.

As they say, "God paints straight with crooked lines." The department of transportation too!

Thanks to the Romero Center volunteers for helping us with the Francis House 18th Anniversary.

Sandy processing in with the icon.

Katie proclaiming the Prayer of the Faithful.

Ave Maria...

In memory of...
Honoring some great women at the Francis House 18th Anniversary.

Super Sandy.

Great women of Francis House.

Ready to take off!

Enjoying the shade at the Francis House 18th Anniversary.

Sue bringing everyone together for the Francis House 18th Anniversary.

Just like her sister, she's a winner in the Stained Glass Challenge!

Ms. Baum's mosaic is up on the school wall.

A Father's Day blessing for all the dads.

A full choir at the 8:00 Mass.

Jefferson and Max announcing their med school's Hispanic health initiative.

Last minute prep for the big festival!

Ready to take Tony for a walk around the block!

Bringing St. Anthony back into the church.

St. Anthony back in the house--at least for a little while.

Blessing the St. Anthony's Bread.

A baby to be presented at Mass.

What an artist!


Thanks to Miguel's Pharmacy!

Thanks to the Aztec Dancers for coming to the festival.

Thanks, Mrs. Martins, for all you've done for the school and the parish over the years!

Nobody does "You Raise Me Up" like St. Anthony's!

Waiting for the big drop...

Somebody's all wet!

We know we're friars not monks, but "Dunk the Monk" has such a nice ring to it!

Never mind...

Great dancing at the festival.

The St. Anthony of Padua Dancers.

He who teases, gets dunked!

St. Anthony's runs on dunkin'.


Ready for a second dunking!

Rainbow time!

A song from the heart of the Divina Misericordia group.

A big Thank You from the Divina Misericordia group.

The St. Anthony of Padua Dancers are the sweetest!

St. Anthony of Padua Dancers.

Ready to dance.

Mexican/Dominican/Puerto Rican/Guatemalan Hat Dance!

Our neighbors Bill and Sue Dunigan of the Salvation Army.

A quilt from all the parish groups.

Look who's in the middle--Lupe!

A New York pillow, for when you're feeling down.

Kristen was one of many people doing all the behind-the-scenes work.

"Brother Sun, Sister Moon."

Lots of friars at the festival.

A blessing for Fr. Jud.

Is that a big cake or what?!?

Thanks to Addie and Steve for making sure everything's accounted for.

Lupe in the sky with diamonds, and the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

The water slide rocks!

Let's go again!


"Sorry girls, no way I'm going on that; but I bet you can convince someone else!"

Mr. LaGruuuuuuta!

Fun?  Wow!

FVM reunion!

One more Electric Slide...
Thanks to Assemblyman Fuentes and Councilman Lopez for stopping by the festival.

Thanks to Steve and Addie for everything!

St. Anthony's ready to go back inside after a full day.

Even better than an apple for the teacher is pomegranates for the preacher.

It's a tradition to give out St. Anthony's Bread on his feastday.

One of the newly elected Student Council's first tasks.

Happy Feast Day!

Proclaiming the Word of the Lord, surrounded by saints.

It's the last day of school for Kindergarten!

Ms. Baum's mosaic going up on the wall of the school.

The mosaic is 2/3 up.


Hello Kitties!

Enjoying a little honeysuckle on the playground.

That's a switch--we'll be lighting up Von Nieda Park on June 17.

A Francis House welcome to our friends from Maryland.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton High School loves Francis House!

Let's motion this table.

Happy Feast of St. Anthony!

Omelets for dinner, with eggs from St. Francis Village. In 2013, Fr. Francis Kim established St. Francis Village, a non-profit farm, with the goal of providing sustainable solutions to poverty and hunger in developing nations. With the help of many domestic as well as international volunteers, St. Francis Village aims to learn and share the knowledge of agriculture to such countries. 

Some TLC for Lupe on her morning walk.

Roof work at the school.

Congratulations to the 3rd Grade winner of the Stained Glass Challenge.

She won the 5th Grade Stained Glass Challenge by a hand's length.

He found St. Patrick in the Stained Glass Challenge.

A view of the Kindergartners from the Crying Room on the Stained Glass Challenge.

Some of the 15 walkers (16 if you count Lupe) on the Wednesday Night Walk.

 Just saying "Hi" on the Wednesday Night Walk.

We've been seeing lots more people at the Wednesday Night Mass.

A view from Pyne Poynt Park in North Camden.
Memorial bricks for homicide victims in Camden.

Another abandoned building in Camden.

The old Carnegie Library in Camden.

The place for lunch in Camden!

A view of the Delaware River in Camden.

Thanks to Dominick's mom for a great dinner!   On Tuesdays, we have seven people aged 25 or younger at the table!

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