Adoration every Monday/Adoración cada lunes  7 pm – 9 pm (confessions/confesiones from 7-8)… 


 “Francis House is like a microcosm of heaven: People have their daily problems, illnesses, limited funds. But a few days a week, everyone is a king or a queen.”
                                                 - Father Christopher Posch
 “Francis House is where I learned how to love.”
                                                                           - Clarissa
 “It’s love and family. I never knew what it was like to get a hug from someone. If you ever need a hug, then Francis House is the place to be.”
                                                                            - Sandy
 “Before I went to Francis House I didn’t know where to turn. I have found my place. Francis House is home, a place where I can be me and be free.”
                                                                             - Mark
 “Francis House means love, open minds, strength, understanding and faith. Francis House has shown me that I am special and that I too can be loved.”
                                                                               - Carmen


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