Adoration every Monday/Adoración cada lunes  7 pm – 9 pm (confessions/confesiones from 7-8)… 


How to Volunteer

Call Fr. Hugh at 856-963-5884.


  • No experience neccesary
  • Must be a least 16 years of age to be a Catechist Assistant or Office Assistant
  • Must be a least 18 years of age to be a Catechist


A Catechist is a religious education teacher that helps childen, of a school grade age, gain a basic knowledge of our Christian faith, as well as a understanding and pratice of Catholic Traditions and Customs.

Catechist Assistants

Assistants provide Catechist with help in their classrooms including attendance, reviewing prayers, grading assignments as well as preparing arts and craft projects.

Office Assistants

Office Assistants help the Director of Religious Education with light office work, i.e. copies, annoucements and data entry. They also assist in securing the building and providing visitor passes to parents.

Training and Orientation

Catechist training is normally held in August in the Church Basement. We reveiw lesson plans and the overall program guidelines.

Upcoming Events